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5th Annual International Submerged Lands Management Conference (1986 ISLMC)

The 5th Annual International Submerged Lands Management Conference was held October 6-9, 1986, in British Columbia, Canada.

Conference Host: British Columbia Ministry of Forests and Lands

Conference Information:

  • Delegates (pdf, 1,663k)
  • Submerged Lands Tenure Policy Data (pdf, 14,833k)
Agenda and Materials
Day/Date Session Presentation Presenter Downloads
October 6, 1986
Forward and Keynote Address   Frank Edgell pdf, 498k
Workshop 1: Issues in Submerged Lands Management: A Regional Perspective

Session Chair: Greg Roberts, Director, Land Policy Branch, British Columbia Ministry of Forests and Lands 
Issues in British Columbia Tom Cockburn pdf, 1,146k
Issues in Ontario Sheralyn Yundt pdf, 3,663k
Issues in New Brunswick John Kershaw pdf, 3,041k
Issues in U.S. Virgin Islands Benjamin Nazario pdf, 1,758k
Issues in Florida James MacFarland pdf, 1,715k
Workshop 2: Valuation and Fee Structure  

Session Chair: Carmelita Olivotto, Property Management Officer, Canadian Coast Guard
Open Water Dredge Spoil Disposal John DeMeyer pdf, 1,135k
Pricing and Valuation of Dredgate Allen Domaas pdf, 1,711k
Marina Pricing Policy for B.C. Crown Land Doug McColl pdf, 2,025k
Report on Oregon Rental Rate Ken Doud pdf, 1,900k
Victoria Marine Field Trip on M.V. Norsal     pdf, 1,243k
October 7, 1986
Workshop 3: Aquaculture: Management and Changing Technology

Session Chair: John Bones, Manager, Land Policy and Documentation, British Columbia Ministry of Forests and Lands
The Mariculture Goldrush in B.C. Dave Butler pdf, 2,178k
Aquaculture in Washington State:
- Aquaculture Siting
- Aquaculture Use Fees
Steve Tilley and Robert Hoyser pdf, 2,852k
Aquaculture in New Brunswick John Kershaw pdf, 1,804k
Workshop 4: Floating Homes: Management and Changing Lifestyles  

Session Chair: John Morton, Supervisor, Public Lands Section, Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources
Recreational Houseboats in the B.C. Interior John Thompson pdf, 2,325k
Houseboats, Liveaboards, and the Public Trust: Floating Residential Communities in California Lance Kiley pdf, 3,173k
Floating Homes: An Idaho Perspective Lance Nielsen pdf, 1,796k
Workshop 5: Influence of Upland Owners on Submerged Land Management

Session Chair: Daniel McLawhorn, Special Deputy Attorney General, North Carolina Department of Justice
Legal Rights and Obligations of Upland Owners, in New Jersey William Andersen pdf, 2,842k
Recognition of Riparian Rights in British Columbia Land Management Geoff Moyse pdf, 2,031k
Natural Boundaries and the Torrens Title System Don Duffy pdf, 2,752k
Riparian Land Owners' Rights in Idaho Lance Nielsen pdf, 975k
October 8, 1986
Tour of Submerged Lands Tenure: Victoria to Nanaimo     pdf, 1,902k
October 9, 1986
Workshop 6: Planning the Vancouver Waterfront

Session Chair: Jack Hall, Regional Lands Director, British Columbia Ministry of Forests and Lands
Planning and Development of Submerged Lands for Expo 86 Bob Thompson pdf, 2,139
Planning and Development in the Port of Vancouver R.J. (Dick) Wright pdf, 2,011k
Guided Boat Tour of Vancouver Harbour and False Creek     pdf, 443k
Closing Session Conference Overview Joe Loyer pdf, 927k
Invitation to 1987 Conference Benjamin Nazario pdf, 1,097k
Closing Banquet Address: Public Land Management Tom E. Lee pdf, 4,346k


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