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29th Annual International Submerged Lands Management Conference (2010 ISLMC)

The 29th Annual International Submerged Lands Management Conference was held September through December 2010.

Conference Host: Florida Department of Environmental Protection, Office of Coastal and Aquatic Managed Areas

Contact: Karen Bareford, Florida Department of Environmental Protection:

Conference Sponsors: Great Lakes Commission, NOAA Coastal Services Center, The Nature Conservancy, Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, and Florida Coastal Management Program

Location: Internet Citrix GoToWebinar Event. Note: You may need to download a GoToMeeting codec to hear/view the recorded sessions.

Agenda and Materials
Day/Date Session presentations Presenter Downloads
September 9, 2010 Sea Level Rise and Property Rights

Session Summary Coordinators: Kelly Samek, Florida FWC; Karen Bareford, Florida DEP/CAMA; Melissa Trosclair Daigle, Louisiana Sea Grant Law and Policy Presentation (94k);
Recorded Session
Truth or Consequences: Do States of Denial about Sea Level Rise = Government Liability? Jim Wilkins, Director, Louisiana Sea Grant Law & Policy Program Presentation (10,497k)
Adapting Shoreline Regulations to Address Sea Level Rise Niki Pace, Research Council, Mississippi-Alabama Sea Grant Legal Program Presentation (127k)
Reducing “Investment-backed Expectations” in Coastal Areas: Rising Seas and Falling Expectations Thomas Ruppert, Florida Sea Grant Presentation (1,733k)
September 23, 2010 Submerged Resources in the Face of a Changing Climate
Session Summary Coordinator: Dorina Frizzera, New Jersey DEP Presentation (90k);
Recorded Session

Who Owns (Controls) Submerged Lands in Alaska? David W. Schade, Alaska Department of Natural Resources Presentation (18,876k)
Potential Impacts of Climate Variability and Change on Key Natural Systems: Puerto Rico's Coral Reefs and Wetlands Ernesto Diaz, Puerto Rico Coastal Zone Management Program Presentation (12,880k)
Living Shorelines as an Adaptation Strategy Amy Baldwin, Florida DEP Presentation (5,164k)
Rolling Easements as an Adaptation Strategy Jim Titus, EPA  
October 7, 2010 Mapping, Modeling and the Use of GIS in the Management of Submerged Lands Resources

Session Summary Coordinators: Chris Taylor, Bureau of Ocean Energy Management, Regulation and Enforcement; Adam Bode, NOAA, Coastal Services Center Presentation (90k);
Recorded Session
The Role of Maryland's Coastal Atlas in
Planning for Offshore Wind
Chris Cortina, Maryland DNR’s Chesapeake & Coastal Program;
Tom Earp, Towson Center for GIS
Presentation (1,688k);
The use of benthic habitat mapping data in marine spatial planning and management of the SE Florida coral reef ecosystem Brian K. Walker, Ph.D., National Coral Reef Institute Presentation (4,596k);
Channel Islands National Marine Sanctuary Natalie Senyk, Channel Islands National Marine Sanctuary Presentation (1,744k);
A Nationwide Assessment of State-level Marine Cadastral Data Paul Kelly, TNC Presentation (270k);
October 21, 2010 Submerged Lands Restoration and Nurseries

Session Summary Coordinator: Karen Bareford, Florida DEP/CAMA Presentation (90k);
Recorded Session
Staghorn Coral Restoration: Stimulating Coral Restoration Caitlin Lustic, The Nature Conservancy Presentation (3,215k);
Oyster Reef Restoration: NY/NJ Baykeeper Oyster Restoration Program Meredith Comi, NY/NJ Baykeeper Presentation (2,096k);
Seagrass Restoration: Guidelines for seagrass restoration
Mark Fonseca, NOAA 1998 Report (17,626k)
November 4, 2009 Managing the Balancing Act: Recreational Boating Use and Protecting Submerged Land Resources

Session Summary Coordinators: Kelly Samek, Florida FWC; Karen Bareford, Florida DEP/CAMA Presentation (90k);
Recorded Session
The Balancing Act: Managing Recreational Boating and Protecting Coastal Resources Gary Lytton, Manager, Rookery Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve, Florida DEP/CAMA Presentation (2,770k)
Recreational Boating Access and Protecting Submerged Land Resources Bill Sargent, Florida FWC Presentation (5,861k)
Recreational Boat Traffic Characterization Through Observational Studies Jay Gorzelany, Sea to Shore Alliance Presentation (1,597k)
November 18, 2010 Managing Cultural Resources on Submerged Lands

Session Summary Coordinator: Phil Werndli, Florida DEP
Panelists: Martin McAllister & Larry E. Murphy (Archaeological Damage Investigation & Assessment); Ole Varmer, David W. Alberg, & ME Rolle (NOAA)
Presentation (82k);
Recorded Session
Documenting Injury and Damage Using the ARPA Model Martin McAllister & Larry Murphy Archaeological Damage Investigation & Assessment Presentation (328k)
Battle of the Atlantic Fieldwork: Promoting the Heritage of Maritime Heritage in North Carolina David Alberg, NOAA, Monitor Marine Sanctuary  
December 2, 2010 Conservation and Management of Submerged Lands and Related Resources

Session Summary Coordinator: Jay Udelhoven, TNC Presentation (90k);
Recorded Session
State-based MPAs: Oregon's Marine Reserves System Cristen Don, Oregon DFW Presentation (1,789k);
National System of MPAs: U.S. National System of MPAs Lauren Wenzel, U.S. National MPA Center Website
Private MPAs: Global System of Private Marine Protected Sites Jay Udelhoven, TNC Presentation (5,347k)
Area-based Management: Washington State Habitat Conservation Planning and Marine Spatial Planning Dave Palazzi, Washington DNR Presentation (6,329k);
December 16, 2010 Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill


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